All Dementia Caregivers are heroes!

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When our team at Dementia Spotlight Foundation was asked who our favorite Superhero was, we easily had our answer: Dementia Caregivers of course! The superpowers they possess are limitless! In our estimation, the first would be their power of dedication. Next there is the unselfishness they possess. As you can imagine, the list is endless!

Here at Dementia Spotlight, we believe that all Dementia Caregivers are heroes! (No doubt they should all be awarded daily!)

This gave us an idea. Why not have our own annual Dementia Spotlight Superhero Award? The response has been overwhelmingly positive.

We will have three categories:

Those who are currently caring for someone.
Those who have been dementia caregivers in the past.
A young adult/children caregiver’s category.

The deadline for nominating someone is April 18th at midnight, EST. We will have an unbiased panel choose the winners. Awards will be mailed in his or her name and announced on April 28th.

All nominees will receive a certificate stating they have been nominated.

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