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Partnership Grants:

We are proud to partner with leading organizations that are dedicated and committed to making strides in bringing dementia awareness to our communities.

Our Project Advisor, Robert Bowles, has been living with Lewy Body Dementia for seven years. Robert, a retired pharmacist, is a strong advocate of “living beyond dementia.” He speaks about living with dementia to national audiences and reaches people internationally through his website. Robert helps people understand “the lived experience” of his day to day life. Both of Robert’s parents had dementia and he was their care partner. His knowledge of caring for others, partnering with others, the human body, pharmacology, and living with Lewy Body Dementia allows him to touch other’s lives in a selfless manner. You can support Robert’s advocacy by donating to Dementia Spotlight Foundation.

Dementia Spotlight provides training scholarships, for professionals who want to apply to become certified in the Positive Approach© to care techniques taught by world renowned expert Teepa Snow. With over 30 plus years of experience, her multi-modal training programs and hands on care techniques are being taught in 32 countries around the globe.


These programs provide funding for Georgia Residents who have a passion to understand dementia as a life condition, and desire to pass along their acquired knowledge for the greater good of supporting other individuals and families in their local community.

Objective of Scholarship

The Dementia Spotlight Foundation Scholarship Program has been developed with the vision to provide funding to individuals who have a:


desire to learn about current tools and strategies available to assist in caring for people diagnosed with dementia and/or family members


desire to contribute to making their community dementia mindful and responsive


desire to share their acquired knowledge with co-workers and/or family members

The objective of this scholarship is to provide financial aid to an applicant that is enrolled to attend a training seminar, class or workshop on dementia related topics at an approved training facility that awards CEU units and/or certifications.


To qualify for the scholarship the applicant must:


have working knowledge of dementia


have a minimum of 2 years of work experience


be able to commit to attend and complete all aspects of the training program that the funding is provided for


be willing to commit to the Post Scholarship Spotlight Pledge


be currently working or providing assistance to individuals with dementia

Post Scholarship Spotlight Pledge

In support of Dementia Spotlight Foundation’s mission, the Spotlight Pledge is to:

“Learn the whole truth about experiences of dementia and to increase life enhancing supports and standards of care.”

And the recipient of this scholarship will:


Mentor and provide assistance to fellow caregiver(s) and/or family member(s)


Assist with a Dementia Spotlight Foundation event or fundraiser


Practice and apply the goals that are achieved in the training program


Be an active supporter of standards of care for people experiencing dementia

Educational Institute / Trainer

The educational institute and/or the Trainer must be certified and or approved by Dementia Spotlight Foundation. Awarded Scholarship funds will be made directly to the educational institute/trainer.

Grant Details

Grants determinations can vary and be up to 70% (with a max $1000) of the cost of the training course (does not include materials, supplies, travel costs, lodging or food). The applicant will be required to cover the remainder of the costs. Dementia Spotlight Foundation is available to assist in fundraising of the additional costs, should the applicant wish to do so. A recipient of a grant will not awarded multiple scholarship grants. Grant determinations will be made via email and telephone to the recipients.

Submission Dates

Scholarship Application:

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For more information about these opportunities please email